Our Mission

The most exciting part of humanity’s story is yet to come.

There’s plenty of reasons to be upset about what’s happening in the world. Many of our systems, both ecological, economic and social, have reached or are reaching a crisis point. We as a society and as a species, must innovate faster than our legacy systems are failing.

Luckily we’re living in arguably the most exciting time in human history. But the problems of the world today won’t be solved by the same type of minds that created them. Expressing optimism, imagination and curiosity about the world around us is vital to us thinking


To work towards expanding the reach and breadth of human imagination in all people - especially youth - and apply that imagination to humanity’s greatest challenges.


We envision a future in which all individuals are 21st century leaders equipped with the skills, qualities and knowledge enabling them to self-direct and self-determine, in relation to their own learning and personal identity.


We are curious.
We're not afraid to ask questions that shake our assumptions about our world, each other and ourselves.

We are wonderous.
We understand that our combined imagination is humanity's most powerful creative tool

We are holistic.
We use rigorous logic and science alongside art and human expression to understand things systemically.

We are transparent.
We develop deeply trustful relationships through clear communication, agreements and expectations.

We are self-directed.
We hold each other accountable - to ourselves, and one another, for our words actions and responsibilities.

We are playful.
We don't mind if we fail, because everything is an experiment. We're not afraid to laugh at ourselves. We're unabashedly optimistic, and optimism is a political act.

Our collective imagination is literally the only limit.