Our Studio

Future Fields is a 21st century social info-organism.

Our studio is comprised of a core team, our network of studio residents, and our partners. For each project and/or client, we assemble a team specific to the challenge, with the unique skillsets and sensitivities required to create breakthrough innovation.

We have worked with some of the top professionals across various fields, and have worked in schools, universities, indigineous communities, small businesses, the government sector, non-profits and Fortune 500 companies.

We are primarily based in Los Angeles, CA, with residents around the world.

(310) 775-0153

13928 Mountain View Place Sylmar, CA 91342


Ishan Shapiro Studio Director

DeKoven Ashley
Director of Operations
Deya Shapiro Studio Manager
Megan Daalder Artist & Educator
Gabriel Noel Visual Storyteller
Pegah Vaezi
Art Curator & Educator

Connor Turland
Full Stack Human

Matthew Stoltz
Cultural Anthropologist
Megan Daalder Artist & Educator
Watson Hartsoe
Master Educator
Ele Jansen
Facilitator of Radical Play
Pierce Myers
Design Researcher
Ruben Dario
Agile Learning Facilitator
Pierce Myers
Design Researcher