Subject X Warrior Poet

Serialized Speculative Fiction Transmedia

Pilot Episode in Development

Subject X Warrior Poet is a transmedia narrative set in a near-future world of reality modification, neurohacking and quantum computing hit full swing.

Based off a series of short stories entitled “Ultrashorts”, originally published by Wildcat on SpaceCollective, Subject X provides us a series of glimpses into an intimately alien world.

Our narrative is made up of short vignettes from a pivot point in 2030 - the story exists before and after, and will be blown out in pieces as the narrative branch and scale. Subject X Warrior Poet is our first installment - a jumping off point into our storyworld.  Our narrator is the lead researcher himself, and parts of the story are told through his perspective, to a close and personal colleague with whom communiques are written and described after the fact. subject X sat on the chair and was all hooked up and we sat and watched the monitors and I had my cup of morning coffee still warming my somewhat freezing fingers and just as a warm up we asked him to recite some poetry in whatever language he deemed most fit, you see we were just tuning our instruments at that point, so of course we were not ready, I mean, how could we have been ready for what happened next? - Lead Researcher

Within a DIY yet professional and advanced laboratory, we are introduced to Subject X - androgynous, smooth faced, of indiscriminate age, who has volunteered to be a subject. The lab experiments not just in brain technologies but sociology, learning and perception. It is not clinical, and is warm but clean and minimalist. The experiment is with a new neuro-technology - minimally invasive - that maps neuronal activity to specific semantic concepts. The researchers half-joke that they the research may lead to the creation of such things as techno-telepathy devices.

Subject X is different than most of their subjects - he is a poet and an artist, knows several languages and is fluent in metaphor. As they start testing Subject X, something unexpected happens. While he recites his particular style of poetry and manipulation of language, he unlocks a key to that which the researchers do not know what is on the other side of.

We slowly came to the realization that what we were seeing was language actuation in the process of transforming coherence, not unlike what the Shamans of old used to say about words that name spirits, you know, that which we thought was mambo-jumbo, that you have to be careful what names you use when addressing the matter of the world, because .. well basically because the correct wording calls for the force so named. Lead Researcher, in a letter to his colleague

This is the mystique that lies at the heart of this first installment. After the event, Subject X disappears from our view. Our narrative perspective stays with the researcher - who is now faced with an option to step into the unknown and embark on the next installment.

Doors to the Mind

Serialized Speculative Fiction Podcast

Pilot Episode In Development

Doors to the Mind is a psychological thriller with 10 year olds. It follows the story of two boys in a community theater group for children, who start playing a dangerous game to pass the time backstage.

“Count down from 100 to 1, skipping numbers if you want, until you see a door, any time of door, in your mind...”
- Robin

The game is only known as “Doors to the Mind” by the youth. During it, one player hypnotizes the other player until they see any doors in their mind.  Not everyone’s a good player - only those who “go under” for real. And it’s easy to tell if someone’s faking.  The player who is awake then guides the other through the hallways, doors and recesses within their own mind.

“Do you see a door?”
“Open it.”
“Go inside. What do you see?”
- transcript from Robin’s audio archive

What seems like a simple and fun game at the beginning, starts to surfaces the shadow selfs of the young boys as the realities of their real lives, dream states and the theater stage bleed into one another. These young boys will be required to face that which they fear most.


Speculative Startup Venture

In Development

A digital undertaker’s service for the 21st century. Social Rest in Peace helps take care of digital legacy and estate, which now can be very valuable for those who can.

Don’t give up control over your social media presence just because you’ve passed beyond the grave. We provide a range of services